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   Reel Seat

Many reel seat options from painted, 2pc. Lightweight and Aero Ergonomic reel seats. Several styles of blank through and trigger seats, aluminum, titanium, custom cut and trimmed to fit your needs.


All types and styles of guides available, holographic, micro guides, gold, various colors, Recoil, SiC, Titanium and many more.

   Specialty Items

Other specialty dress up items can include anodized aluminum winding checks, metal trim rings in the handles and around the reel seat and many more things so do not hesitate to ask!

   Spiral guide placement

Many people are not familiar with the spiral placement of guides. This method has been around for many years and is originally known as a Robert’s Wrap. The spiral wrap is achieved by starting the guides on the top of the rod like normal and then each guide is placed offset to one side until the guides end up on the bottom of the rod. The advantages to this is you will have less guides which means less weight. Also there is less stress on the rod and line, less fatigue on the angler


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